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My name is Kurt Steele and I have lived outside of Boston since I moved to New England after high school. I’ve been married, divorced, remarried and have a son, Nathanael,  who shares my passion for all things mechanical.

I’ve been into British sports cars since I was in college (and that’s a long time)! I’ve had all types, makes and models of British cars and currently have 3 MGs, a Triumph and a Rover (the car, not the SUV). I’ve owned every model of Triumph imported into the US except a TR2 and TR8….and the 8 is on my Bucket List. There was also a time when I was into big American metal from the late 70’s…Think Lincoln Mark V or Cadillac Eldorado with the occasional muscle car and motorcycle thrown in for variety.

I joined the Boston Area MG Club (BAMG) over 10 years ago and have been its President for the past 4 years. Through it all and over three different careers, I’ve met people from all walks of life and from all over the world and cars have been a part of it every step of the way.

While I’ve always enjoyed working on my cars, I don’t consider myself a real mechanic. I understand the basic concepts alright, just not the really complex and hard stuff. This changed with the last project I did. Friends Dirk and Steve have always tried to interest me in Rover cars. Like most people, I never knew that Rover originally started out as a car company long before they came up with the Land Rover series. Several years ago, their generosity led me to become the owner of a 1969 Rover 2000TC that was in need of some serious work. Over the next two years, they helped me to restore the car to original condition, lending hours of labor, many unavailable parts and shepparding me through the tough times. In the end, the car turned out way better than I ever could have imagined and I gained a new sense of confidence and knowledge. The car is now my pride and joy and I owe it all to Dirk and Steve (and the world’s best body man….George).

Back in MA   DSC_5875 - MOD

While I still may not be a true mechanic,  my experience with the Rover helped me to have the vision and conviction I needed to tackle this GT project. Hopefully, with the insights I’ve gained and a little help of my friends and family, I can achieve the same results and have another award-winning car that I can be proud of.

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